fredag den 21. august 2015

Sarahs thoughts on Drops

I have lived now in Viborg, Denmark for about one year and a half. There are many advantages about living here in comparison to other countries I´ve  lived in. One thing that has inspired me the most and been the base for all of my recent illustrations has been the nature. I always imagined that in flat countries there was not much to see. Looking at a landscape here is a whole new experience. Your eyes need some time to get tuned in to details. The colors are brilliant! There is so much variety in textures. 

Concept art of dressed up drop

The only problem I have experienced so far, is the weather. One days is never the same as the next. One hours is even never the same as one hour later. It is humid, sunny, cloudy, stormy, WINDY and foggy all in a span of six hours. But one thing is the most consistent: the rain.

The short-film DROPS is about this rain. It is my attempt to make peace with weather and enjoy every aspect of it. Most of us become irritated when we have dressed in shorts and t-shirt, ready to work on our tan, and then suddenly a summer storm hits. The streets are being flooded, needless to say my freshly done hairdo is turning into a frizzy mess! But had I taken the time to reflect on how important water actually is for the land? How lucky I am that this part of the world has abundance of it? Water gives life. Viborg, Denmark, is full of life!
That is why I have chosen to make characters out of the water droplets: to remind us. It gives a different perspective, to suddenly stop and imagine that the rain falling on your head has personality.

Concept art of Drops embracing each other

The summer 2015 has been the most grey and rainy I have ever experienced. I have felt gloomy and depressed. It is easy to see that I am not the only one. The lack of Vitamin D is evident in most faces you see while waiting in the line at the supermarket. But, I want to try to look at it from the “bright side”. For example, consider how it will not be as difficult to enter into winter, after a summer like this one. This is the perfect time to spend a little extra attention on making your home cozy, and bake those macarons that you have always wanted to do. Or, it´s time to get the right gear (ex. rubber boots, waterproof jacket and pants), and go for an adventure! Like my father-in-law likes to remind me, there´s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

Still frame of Water drop girl in the forest